Peacemakers – Jeremy Gilley in Conversation with Prem Rawat
Recently, two active peacemakers — Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, and Prem Rawat — engaged in a profound conversation about their lives and their work, comparing notes on their experiences as advocates of peace and agreeing that every person can be a part of making peace a reality. This 28-minute video based on that conversation was broadcast on UN Peace Day to approximately 25 million people on TV across the world.
Edited various durations of this internationally acclaimed interview.
Duration: 7:20

Edited in collaboration with Creative Producer and client group.
About the clip: Citizens of the Earth, featurs the words of TPRF’s founder, Prem Rawat: “The time has come that every citizen of planet earth needs to take responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” This new short video for Peace Day 2014 was launched on September 12, beginning the 10-day countdown to Peace Day.
Duration: 1:44

A Quiet Storm
Produced and Edited this compilation of various exciting volunteer driven peace initiatives happening around the Los Angeles area. Filmed with video-journalistic run-and-gun style and edited to 20 minutes running time.
Duration: 20 minutes

What’s Valuable?
An uplifting, empowering short video.
A close friend shares about dealing with the loss of her sister to cancer, and then the process of dealing with her own diagnosis. How she came to discover what is really valuable in life for her…

Featuring: Sally Weaver
Concept, Camera, Interviewer, Director’s cut: William Sparkes
Editor: Rachna Kanitkar

Visual consultant and finishing editor for Pepperdine YCS 2010: Contributed with visual direction, footage conversion, compression, exporting, technical support and deliverables on two different versions of this project. The video was created as a fund raising piece for potential sponsors to continually support the Youth Citizenship Seminars in 2010 for the Pepperdine University.
Camera: William Sparkes

Native Wood Studio – Wood sculptures by Richard Scarborough and Alistair Stevenson
Sculptures created from tree trunks and roots that were destroyed in Californian wild-land fires. Sculpted as abstract natural forms, cleaned and polished for display.
Camera: William Sparkes

Fitness inspiration branding video short created in collaboration with SAN Nutrition.
Duration: 60 seconds

Fitness inspiration product launch video created in collaboration with SAN Nutrition.
Duration: 60 seconds

Product ‘coming soon’ video created for SAN Nutrition.
Duration: 30 seconds

Solubility test created for SAN Nutrition.
Duration: 15 seconds

Edited several real estate virtual tours for realtor groups.
Camera: William Sparkes

Family Dental Care office tour
Edited dental office tour of Dr. Stephens’ and Dr. Bevan’s dental office in Westlake Village, CA
Camera: William Sparkes

This Possum and Racoon were our regular dinner guests that arrived on time every night to eat cat food on our porch. This was the perfect setting, perfect wild casts for creating the 2009 Superbowl Ad for Doritos. Of course, it was a winner (well, we and our friends think so anyway!). Watch this natural, no training, no acting, as wild as they come critters perform to share how delicious late night chips can actually be.

Camera: William Sparkes
Editor: Rachna Kanitkar, William Sparkes
Assisted with production and editing of this fun commercial for Doritos super bowl contest. The animals in this video were not staged, props were placed to get their excellent participation.